The Flash film by Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

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Petitioning: Hollywood, Warner Bros, DC Comics

Petitioner: Cory Morr started on June 30, 2010

The Flash film by Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

I'm starting this petition around the world to help support actor Christopher Pine or Chris Pine (Captain Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek film) to have the opportunity to screentest as the superhero The Flash by DC comics and Warner Bros.

The Flash was created in 1939 by comic book writers Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. The Flash started with Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick in 1939, then Barry Allen the Silver Age Flash in 1956, Wally Wast (Kid Flash 1 and Barry's nephew) in 1985 and then Bart Allen (Kid Flash 2, Barry's grandson and Impluse) in 2006. The Flash film will will surround the Silver Age Flash,"Barry Allen" based on Geoff Johns's recent Flash comic books about Barry Allen (Ex. Flash: Rebirth).

Barry was killed off in 1985 during the Infinite Crisis of Earth where he battled Reverse Flash Zoom (Eobard Thwane). Barry Allen is a foresics police lab scientist for the government. He lives in a fictitious mid-western city called,"Central City" Missouri. But, travels to another fictious mid-western city called,"Keystone City" where his nephew Wally West lives. While in his lab on a rainy thunderstorm night, Barry Allen is struck by lightning, thrown into a rack of highly radioactive chemicals that discharge all over his body. Barry Allen undergoes a molecular atomic transformation in his DNA. The lightning bolt and radioactive chemicals simultaneously charge his electrons to a super accelerated rate. The same circumsances occurs too with Wally West as a young boy at age 10. This situation gives Barry Allen the ability of superhuman speed.

The Flash's superspeed comes from a faster then light energy field that controls all aspects of the Flash's powers called the,"SPEED FORCE." The Flash can run speeds at the speed of light (other times faster), can vibrate his molecules to move through solid matter, use kenetic energy (friction heat) to generate sonic boom explosions, and can break certain laws of Physics containing the ability to time travel. Endowed with his new found speed powers he fights crime and Central City's worse enemies as The Flash A.K.A THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE.

Barry Allen transforms as The Flash by his magical costume ring he retains on a daily basis. The Flash races across time and space to save the people of the world.

I can't think of any good actor that is amazing enough, capable, talented and successful to play Barry Allen/The Flash than actor Chris Pine.

Chris Pine has been rumored as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern before Ryan Reynolds and was casted and rumored for even Captain America (Marvel) before Chris Evens was casted for that; however, I believe it's Chris Pine's turn to show the fans what he is really capable of. I think Chris Pine would indeed typecast well as Barry Allen/The Flash. Chris Pine looks like Barry Allen, has those Barry blue eyes and can pull it off.

Hollywood these days is so blunt they don't see a good actor right in their faces like Chris Pine. So I ask your support in regard to this petition. Ask your family, siblings, friends and other Flash or comic book geeks to sign this petition. Help support actor Chris Pine for The FLASH film as Barry Allen. Chris is a good guy and his ability to play Barry Allen/The Flash is substantial. Let's get The Flash film up and running already.

Thank you, Cory Morr. P.S. Let's get The Flash up and running pronto!