Save the Squeeze Radio Show

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Petitioning: WKCR | Columbia University NY 10027

Petitioner: Ddotcollins started on October 8, 2010

Save the Squeeze Radio Show

Airing on Thursday nights/Friday mornings from 1:00-5:00am, Squeeze Radio is the place to listen to hip-hop in New York City (and around the world).

In its original incarnation, DJ Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito aka DJ Cucumberslice co-hosted the Stretch & Bobbito Show. In the early 1990s the show was voted the best hip-hop show of all time by Source Magazine and the best hip-hop show in New York by the Village Voice.

Today, Squeeze Radio is hosted by SUCIO SMASH. The show was voted best Hip Hop Show in New York by Time Out New York magazine.

As of October 8th WKCR is set to cancel the Squeeze Radio show on its 20th Anniversary in doing so destroying a piece of history and Real Hip-Hop in New York.

Please Sign this petition to show your support and help save the Squeeze Radio Show.