Request Keyboard For Filipino

  68,461 (Goal: 68,461)

Petitioning: the Filipino people

Petitioner: Julie Vicknair started on March 9, 2009

In Philippines, the Filipinos use the standard US keyboard layout for years. However, there are some Filipino special characters e.g. ñ are not in the keyboard. These characters are used in our daily life and the keyboard should now be re-designed to suit our daily needs.

The petition is for the keyboard manufacturers to properly look into our demand and include the followng:

1. Philippine peso sign (P with strikethrough);

2. Scientific and mathematical symbols (includes the multiplication and division symbols);

3. The à and ñ symbols;

4. Baybayin characters

5. largely used punctuation marks and other symbols.

Please sign this petition in order to have our own Filipino keyboards, just like the German and Spanish people have!